The Right Venue for You

You found the right venue and it’s in your budget.

It accommodates your guest count. The hours of operation are conducive to your objective. It’s in the right location for your guest’s commute. Outside catering is allowed, so no need to settle on food service.  This is the right venue for you.  All that greatness with one problem, the venue is blah and needs life. Life is needed for the event’s overall success and guest’s positive experience.  A blah venue can take away from an event. You want your guests to feel special when entering the venue. You do not want your guests to feel like they are not worthy of a classy setting.  

Do not settle with the blah of a venue. Create the atmosphere envisioned when finalizing the theme. Table linen, ceiling draping, chair covers, up lights, signature lights, trees and shrubs, decorate to your heart’s delights. Pinterest is a good place to start. Warning!!! Pinterest is known to mesmerize and overwhelm. A professional event decorator can help by gathering all your pins and using them to create a beautiful collage.

No need to settle for blah. If you don’t know where or how to start contact an Event Decorator. Do it right, hire a professional.  Make it the right venue for you.

The blah, pre decor
The Right Venue for You
Ceiling Draping & Chair Covers

Our company rearranged this venue from blah to beautiful. We take pride in our work and do not cookie cut. We pay attention to the details. Trust and know that Affinity One Events will transform your event to an experience.

Kind regards,
Affinity One Events

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