Types of Events


It's your party, be the host and the guest. Contact us today to plan, coordinate and execute the celebration.

Bridal Showers

You're about to tie the not. Celebrate one last time as a Miss. Contact us to help you celebrate the transition from Miss to Mrs, this is a wonderful moment.

graduation Partys

Be it a Highschool, Undergraduate or Graduate party, we go you. Allow us to assist you with planning the celebration for this major miletsone.

Baby Showers

Wanting to celebrate the birth of a loved one is truly amazing. Allow us to come in and make this day special. Offering friends and family the opportunity to join in the games and laughter.


Have topics to get a across. Be it one, two or three days we got you. From finding the venue, to managing VIPS we know what's needed to conduct a successful conference.

retirement ceremonys

You worked so hard to reach this point. Why should you work your own retirement ceremony? Concat us today, and celebrate your retirement stress free and in style.


Planning a wedding is not easy, small or big. From finding the venue to finding the vendors, details matter. Contact us, the professionals, to plan and execute your special day.

family reunions

It can be hard getting the entire family together. When this happens, you want to have fun; activities, food, games, memorabilia, and so much more. Contact us, we got you!


You want it done right. You want to celebrate on a higher level, glitz recognition and glamour. What's stopping you. We got you, contact us today. Don't do this by yourself or with an unskilled team.


Why have several meetings just to have a meeting. Leave the planning to us. We will coordinate everything needed to execute your meeting.

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